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photography 201: assignment 2

The assignment for this week was to write a short photojournalism story, bring 6 photos to support it, then pick one photo which best represents your story.  I was not thrilled about writing the story so please excuse that part and pay attention to the photos.

I chose to write about sailing.  It was a huge sacrifice to get outside, play on the lake, take pictures, and enjoy the company of friends (read sarcasm).

“Say ‘maiden voyage’ to the crowd at Lake Lewisville and ears perk up.  Most of the sail boats have long since had their initial flight with the sea.  But the community of boating enthusiasts on this shore has a passion for sailing on vintage Hobie Catamarans.  This warm spring afternoon, Gunner, proud new owner of an 18 foot Hobie Cat, set sail.  As the beautifully colored sails burst forth with the wind, Gunner was cheered on by an excited community.

Everyone on the shore that day watched as the wind blew into the sails, taking Gunner on a journey.  Questions were asked, “How does she ride?”  “How did you like it?” Even though these small sailboats hold one or two people, it is no individual sport.  The camaraderie at the lake was something to stop and awe at.  Even as I approached this glorious boat to set sail the entire community jumped in to encourage me. Take this life vest.  Here, wear my gloves.  I was equipped.

Not my first time on sail boat, I still felt different that day.   Who owned this boat before? What kind of community was surrounding these sails in the past? Who once rode on these hulls? Gunner may never know these answers, nor I.  Yet as I watched this boat pull out of the water and saw the caring hands take care of this Cat’s needs, I again stood in awe of a community with a passion not just for a boat, but each other.”

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photography 201: studio lighting

This week we talked about studio lighting.  It was a quick run through of what types of lighting options are out there.  I can not actually tell you how to utilize studio lighting.  However, I am thankful to at least add a little knowledge to my camera bag.

Our teacher set up the lights, adding one at a time to show us the difference.  Only problem is, stupid me volunteered to be the model. I had to rely on my classmates photos to see the difference in lighting.  Although, I did get my turn behind the camera and came back with these.

f16, ISO 200, 1/160, WB flash.

teacher photo bomb!


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photography 201: assignment 1

I turned in my photos for our first homework assignment.  We were asked to take window portraits using natural light.  The assignment called for vertical portraits of various poses with and without a modifier.  A modifier is a simple reflective device used to bounce light back onto the subject, in this case a person.

I didn’t realize there are gold reflectors.  In the past I had just seen silver and white diffusers as well. But apparently there are gold toned and also a sliver/gold toned reflectors out there for purchase. Depending on skin tone, these color variants can really make a difference.  I happened to already have a silver visor for the car.  It worked perfectly.

A disclaimer: In class we did plain old boring head shots, which I suppose I thought that’s what was expected.  But some great poses showed up in the homework.  I wish I would have taken more time on posing these but the idea of the homework was to learn how to use and see what a difference modifiers can do.

with out modifier

with modifier

with out modifier. I like the shadows on his face in this one. But the other really brings out the background nicely.

with modifier.

with out modifier.

with modifier. Wow, what a difference this made. This is one of my favorites of this series.


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photography 201

Last night I began my intermediate photography class.  I actually don’t use a white balance or gray-scale card to get the proper settings on my camera.  I recently have spent a lot of time editing the white balance on my photos.  I’d say 90% of the time that’s what I’m needing to fix.  In my class I learned how to properly set the custom white-balance and was encourage to use the preset WB as well.  I think I could have used the ‘cloudy’ setting a time or two in the recent past.  Now it’s time to put it in practice.

I will be posting my homework assignments here as they come up.  But for now here is a little taste of my husband’s engineering at work.  He is working on a persistence of vision clock to be placed on a ceiling fan.  So far it’s rather difficult to see the time, but I think with some programming adjustments he can get it to display properly.  I had fun playing around with some long exposed shots.

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