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As mentioned over on drewanie, I have been working with my good friend Becca on a logo design for melovision.  She is so very talented and I’m super excited to share with everyone how the logo is turning out.  She is currently working on the final touches but here is a little sneak peak at the logo.

In other news, I have used lensrentals.com to rent some equipment for Michael and Anna‘s wedding on Saturday.  I got an awesome zoom lens, Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and also a Canon Speedlite 580EX II.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of flash.  I don’t even know how to fully take advantage of flash.  I much prefer natural light.  But sometimes you need it which means I’ve been busy learning a new skill. First, let me show you what the zoom lens can do.

As you can see my messy dining room, I mean as you can see there is a lot of natural light going on. But here is what happens when I utilized the awesome zooming skills of my borrowed lens.

with out flash.

with flash.

The difference is incredible. Even though I didn’t need the flash while I shot the entire room, it was much needed once I extended my focal length.  But what does flash do to an entire room that is somewhat still lit with some evening light?

Here’s a simple shot of a living room late in the evening with out utilizing flash.

without flash.

Next I made several attempts to lighten up the room a bit.  My shutter speed was fairly slow therefore filling the room is a bit of light would help me capture moving people much better.

full flash directly pointed at corner.

flash pointed at right wall/corner.





















In my opinion the full flash straight on is way too much.  A blast of terrible white light. The image on the right I feel is much better.  The flash is blending in with the natural light coming from the windows.  In my opinion it’s a softer light that will allow me to capture brighter photos and shoot at a higher speed.  Me likes.

Wish me luck as I shoot the wedding tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun day!

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photography 201: assignment 1

I turned in my photos for our first homework assignment.  We were asked to take window portraits using natural light.  The assignment called for vertical portraits of various poses with and without a modifier.  A modifier is a simple reflective device used to bounce light back onto the subject, in this case a person.

I didn’t realize there are gold reflectors.  In the past I had just seen silver and white diffusers as well. But apparently there are gold toned and also a sliver/gold toned reflectors out there for purchase. Depending on skin tone, these color variants can really make a difference.  I happened to already have a silver visor for the car.  It worked perfectly.

A disclaimer: In class we did plain old boring head shots, which I suppose I thought that’s what was expected.  But some great poses showed up in the homework.  I wish I would have taken more time on posing these but the idea of the homework was to learn how to use and see what a difference modifiers can do.

with out modifier

with modifier

with out modifier. I like the shadows on his face in this one. But the other really brings out the background nicely.

with modifier.

with out modifier.

with modifier. Wow, what a difference this made. This is one of my favorites of this series.


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