photography 201: assignment 1

I turned in my photos for our first homework assignment.  We were asked to take window portraits using natural light.  The assignment called for vertical portraits of various poses with and without a modifier.  A modifier is a simple reflective device used to bounce light back onto the subject, in this case a person.

I didn’t realize there are gold reflectors.  In the past I had just seen silver and white diffusers as well. But apparently there are gold toned and also a sliver/gold toned reflectors out there for purchase. Depending on skin tone, these color variants can really make a difference.  I happened to already have a silver visor for the car.  It worked perfectly.

A disclaimer: In class we did plain old boring head shots, which I suppose I thought that’s what was expected.  But some great poses showed up in the homework.  I wish I would have taken more time on posing these but the idea of the homework was to learn how to use and see what a difference modifiers can do.

with out modifier

with modifier

with out modifier. I like the shadows on his face in this one. But the other really brings out the background nicely.

with modifier.

with out modifier.

with modifier. Wow, what a difference this made. This is one of my favorites of this series.


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michael & anna

These are my first ever engagement photos.  What a fun couple Michael and Anna were. I have passed this area of culverts multiple times in my the 30 years of living but had never been out there. I love them!  It was challenging to use the curved features but I think they make for some interesting photos.

Michael and Anna, I hope you enjoy!

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photography 201

Last night I began my intermediate photography class.  I actually don’t use a white balance or gray-scale card to get the proper settings on my camera.  I recently have spent a lot of time editing the white balance on my photos.  I’d say 90% of the time that’s what I’m needing to fix.  In my class I learned how to properly set the custom white-balance and was encourage to use the preset WB as well.  I think I could have used the ‘cloudy’ setting a time or two in the recent past.  Now it’s time to put it in practice.

I will be posting my homework assignments here as they come up.  But for now here is a little taste of my husband’s engineering at work.  He is working on a persistence of vision clock to be placed on a ceiling fan.  So far it’s rather difficult to see the time, but I think with some programming adjustments he can get it to display properly.  I had fun playing around with some long exposed shots.

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sneak peek: michael & anna

After a week of non-stop rain, we were welcomed with warmer temperatures and sunny skies.  I’m so glad I had a chance to photograph my cousin Michael and his fiance Anna.  I think we were all happy about the lack of rain this weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek of our evening in the sun.

p.s. Emma is the cutest little girl ever.  Cheese!

Special thanks to Drew for entertaining Emma!

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taylor & daniel

I had such a fun time spending the evening photographing Taylor and Daniel.  They let me do whatever to them, even if it meant sitting down on some pretty nasty places.  This is my first time working in RAW.  I don’t know why I have delayed because I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m still new at using the program and color editing, but I think these turned out great.   Here are a few of the final images.

You can also click here for more.

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sneak peek: Taylor & Daniel

I had such a fun day yesterday with Taylor and Daniel.  We went to a park to play around then downtown Tulsa to take more posed photos.

I’m new at posing people and doing portrait work.  I have a lot to learn but I’m so excited for the opportunities I have this Spring to further develop my skills.

Here is a quick edited photo from our  time last night.

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the horizon

I am excited to have some photo shoots lined up this month.  I will doing senior portraits and also engagement photos.  I’m so very excited to do their wedding too. So much fun!

More coming up later in the month, I will be taking a photography class at Apertures Photo.  They offer various classes throughout the year.  I can’t wait to learn more and better my skills.

Do you have any photographic needs? Contact me.

Fort Worth Water Gardens, 2011.

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