photography 201

Last night I began my intermediate photography class.  I actually don’t use a white balance or gray-scale card to get the proper settings on my camera.  I recently have spent a lot of time editing the white balance on my photos.  I’d say 90% of the time that’s what I’m needing to fix.  In my class I learned how to properly set the custom white-balance and was encourage to use the preset WB as well.  I think I could have used the ‘cloudy’ setting a time or two in the recent past.  Now it’s time to put it in practice.

I will be posting my homework assignments here as they come up.  But for now here is a little taste of my husband’s engineering at work.  He is working on a persistence of vision clock to be placed on a ceiling fan.  So far it’s rather difficult to see the time, but I think with some programming adjustments he can get it to display properly.  I had fun playing around with some long exposed shots.

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