tin man

Okay, well here is the scoop.  Playing with Photoshop did not occur in my last days at work.  I am okay with this fact as Gimp is coming out with an exciting update in the coming months.  Instead I was able to devote some time to find homes for rent in Tulsa.  This weekend Drew and I were successful in our search!  Life has been full of planning, wedding, searching, renting, moving, and soon to be settling!

Some goals for the last months of the year

-settle into our new house

-document any projects

-share photos of our home with you

-oh yeah…get the long awaited digital camera.

Until then, some more film photos from the summer…only in San Francisco. 

(As for the quality of the photo…I am unsure how to save from Photoshop without degrading the photo.  Even now as I type this post, the photo looks better than as you see it now.   Any suggestions?)

modern day tin man.


One thought on “tin man

  1. […] settled.  The office/guest room is a mess but we have a goal set to get it completed.   As for my list of things to get done by the end of the year, I am doing […]

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