My apologies for the lack of posts.  My life has been turned upside down since returning from California.  1. I was laid off from my job. 2. I am getting married!! Overall this is a great deal.  I get to marry my best friend and love of my life.  AND I am free from work enabling me time to plan a wedding and begin packing for where ever the road is taking us next.  I love my life!

But as for the black and white California pictures, this is just outside a local market.  The sunflowers were amazing.  I love this shot in b&w but you should have seen the vibrant colors of these beautiful flowers.

I promise…I will get some more pictures up this week.

untouched b&w 35mm film

market flowers, untouched b&w 35mm


One thought on “berkeley

  1. Rachel Farmer says:

    Hey Mel…..go find my blog at this is Rachel by the way. You still need to fill me on the whole marriage thing and when exactly is the big day? and where?


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