which do you like?

I have gone back and forth on trying to edit this specific photograph.  I really love the highlights on all the chrome in the dashboard.  I shot this photo with my film camera and had it scanned at a local photo processing center.  The color image is untouched.  I kind of like the Polaroid-ish effect it’s giving.  And I didn’t have to use any special filters to get this look.  I just used film!

However, as you all know, I love black and white.  Every time I see this photo I can’t help but want to take the colors out and let the impact of the black and white really speak for this image.   I’d like to know what you think.  Which image do you like best?  Or how would you edit this photo?

Dice Dashboard. Original color image, 35mm film.

Black and White Dice.


5 thoughts on “which do you like?

  1. Jeremy C says:

    I like the gritty, aged feel of the color. It has the appearance of film that sat forgotten for many years before being processed. Kind of a forgotten memory rediscovered. If it weren’t for the CD player in the dash, that photo could pass for a vintage shot of the vehicle.

  2. Linda Hinds says:

    I like the color. It is not a lot of color, but enough to give it more class and shows up better.

  3. Dad says:

    This is the best work you have done so far.

    Love Dad,

  4. Ashley says:

    Can’t help but say the b&w is my fav:) But I’m a bit biased like yourself, i love b&w

  5. Ivory Orb says:

    I like the dull color one a bit more than the b/w, it’s like I’m looking at a photo of my dads first car. Although he wouldnt have driven a Pontiac. Have you tried a dulled version of the b/w?

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