saturday night plans

'T&P Revolving Door' 8x10 35mm photography, $79 (scanned image shown, 11x14 w/ frame)

As you may know, or stumbled upon while exploring this site, I have a few photographs hanging up in downtown Fort Worth.  I feel extremely blessed to have this privilege.  It gives me a great sense of joy and excitement knowing my photographs are up for the world to see…and buy.   With that said there is opportunity approaching to come and see these photographs in person.

Fort Worth South, Inc. has been working hard to transform and revitalize their community into a place where family and friends can come together.  You can read about some of their reoccurring events here.    I’d like to invite those of you in the area to participate in the Arts Goggle happening this Saturday evening.   It’s a free event sponsored by Fort Worth South highlighting local business and artists.  Check out the program to see the many places to explore downtown.

I implore you to check out the T&P Tavern, location #4 on the map.  My photos will be hanging up for all to see.  Also, you can come by and say hello to me, Mel. Stop by anytime between 4-10pm.  See you there!


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