UPDATE: name that photo #2

Wine Mystery.

Alright folks, another challenge.  Some of these items may look familiar but can you guess what the entire image is?  More photos to come.  Hint: I wouldn’t drink that wine!

update: Good job Carrie! You are right; it’s an engine…to a rat ride car.  I went with Drew and a friend of his to a classic car show.  Word on the street is they meet every Friday evening at Little Rd and I-20 in a large parking lot.  You can walk around at see tons of refurbished cars and some interesting rat rides.  Well worth a visit!


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: name that photo #2

  1. Carrie Davis says:

    Engine of some sort…

  2. Is it making biodiesel, or distilling the wine? No clue!

  3. The rustiest and most innovative cars are the coolest. sometimes you see a keg for a gas tank or a beer tap handle as a shifter. Every week you see something new.

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