Back to the mystery photograph posted last month.  I revealed the secret…it was a yellow pole with blue sky in the background.  I stopped cheating and flipped the photo in order to show the correct orientation.  Below are two photos of said pole.   Now look at the colors.  Why are they so different you ask?  Let me tell you.

A polarizing filter! This is the best piece of equipment I have invested in…practically the only, as my camera was given to me.  You know who you are….THANK YOU!

Back to the filter, to give the Reader’s Digest version…it helps amp up the contrast and provides brilliant color. If you have not invested in a polarizing filter, I would get off the internet and go buy one.  It’s cheap too.

with polarizing filter. 35mm film.

No filter. 35mm film.





2 thoughts on “polarizing

  1. Oh man! Try doing this with the sky, it’s a great piece of optical magic if I do say myself.

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