Cairo, Egypt has been on my mind lately.  Of course if you have been watching any news Egypt has been topic of conversation and on a lot of people’s mind.  But for me Egypt is a piece of home, as I lived there for over a year.  A little piece of me lives there and I carry Egypt with me everyday.

I thought all my pictures were lost along with my stolen laptop.   Until the other day, to my surprise, I found some old CDs with my pictures from overseas.  I don’t actually know if I took all of these, but I do know they all came from a point and shoot camera.  I brightened up the colors a little as Cairo is sandy in color and often drab .

Please enjoy the sights I once saw everyday!

Typical metro stop in Cairo.

Al Azhar Mosque, one of the most influential Islamic Schools in the Middle East.

The Cairo Tower. One of my favorite pictures from Cairo. I love the lack of color and hint of red from the car lights.

Sunset on the Nile.


2 thoughts on “egypt

  1. Sarah W says:

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Dad says:

    I think the pictures from Egypt are best pictures you have taken thus far.

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