UPDATE: photos for sale

'T&P TRE Stations' 8x10 35mm photography, $79 (11x14 w/ frame)

UPDATE: The pictures have been hung and now it’s time to give them a good look.

I will be at the T&P Tavern Friday, February 18th at 8pm.  Please come and check out these photos if you are free.  I must admit, they look better in person.

See you there!


Back in November I took photos of the Texas & Pacific Building in downtown Fort Worth, highlighting the wonderful details of the 1930’s art deco architecture.  And now I have stumbled into a unique opportunity. The T&P Tavern located in that building has graciously allowed me to hang a few of my photographs to sale.   It’s crazy to think that one morning I woke up dreaming of working with film and the darkroom…and now I am selling photos of this beautiful building.  There obviously is more to the ‘…’ in this story, but I’ll save that for another time.

I have added a new page ‘for sale’ with all 13 photos in the series for sale.  The photography shown framed will be hanging in the T&P Tavern shortly. The weather around here isn’t working on my side today.  However, I will post again once I finally get a chance to physically hang these beauties up.

So for now, check out the ‘for sale’ page if you are itching for a sneak peak.  And if you are interested in purchasing any photographs or just want to contact me, check out the ‘contact mel’ page.


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