time to winterize

Pretty sure almost everyone is dealing with snow or some kind of nasty winter weather these days.  Here in Texas it has been ice for the entire week.  Until today, we woke up to a winter wonderland of snow.  I know some of you are sick of snow, but maybe it’s time to take a walk.  Grab the camera and explore the beauty in the snow misery you might find yourself in.

First I recommend the proper attire.  Layers! Lots of layers.  I had to scrap the gloves in order to operate my film camera which does not have an auto-focus while shooting with the extension tube lens.  But these rubber boots sure made a difference.

Secondly, you have to think about your camera.  Even though it might be slightly wet out or barely snowing, it’s a good idea to keep your camera dry.  No need for expensive fancy camera gear.  Just go to your kitchen cabinet and find an appropriately sized zip-loc bag.  Cut a hole in the corner just large enough to fit tightly around the end of the lens.

Check it out.  Doesn’t quite fit like a glove, but it gets the shot and your camera undamaged.


One thought on “time to winterize

  1. melanie morgan says:

    Being out there in the snow — you’re experiencing our life!

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