UPDATE: name that photo

No, you don’t have to exactly name the photo. Although I must admit I’m terrible at coming up with titles. Poems, pictures, posts…I lack the creative mo-jo to title them with any due justice.

Anyways, feel free to name this photo.  But better yet, I’d like to hear what you think I photographed.

What is this photo of? Leave me a comment : )

I will post the true identity of the photo on Sunday.

UPDATE:  The photo is turned sideways.  It is a yellow painted pole in a parking lot.  Thanks for all your guesses.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: name that photo

  1. melanie morgan says:

    a piece of wood, with a finish.

  2. Carrie Davis says:

    Hey, I didn’t get to guess! You gave it up too soon! ;)

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